One of the sections of my stove top has stopped working. What should I do?2018-05-27T00:16:34-04:00

The best thing you can do is to contact the repair service from the number that was given to you when you purchased your item. If you are still under warranty, it is likely that all repairs will be completed free of charge. If you are outside that period, you will have to pay for the repairs. However, this cost will be minimal compared to the cost of having to get a replacement item.

My refrigerator does not cool as well as it used to. Why is that?2018-05-27T00:15:55-04:00

It is possible that your fridge is over crowded. It is never advisable to load your fridge up to the extent where the overall cooling is negatively impacted. You can also raise the temperature to the highest setting, and hope that cools effectively. If you think there is a deeper problem, call us and we will come take a look at your appliance.

My dryer has not been working properly the past few weeks. Why is that?2018-05-27T00:15:15-04:00

There are many reasons that the machine is not functioning properly. You may want to check the electric connection, to ensure that adequate power is coming through. Secondly, open up the flap at the top of the machine and clean out any lint that may have built up. Not only does excessive lint cause the machine to heat up unnecessarily, it impacts performance.

What kinds of appliances do you repair, replace, maintain and install?2018-05-27T00:14:14-04:00

Experienced technicians have experience repairing all kinds of appliances, from large to small, such as freezers, refrigerators, dryers, ovens, stoves, microwaves, washers, dishwashers, ranges, air conditioner units and trash compactors.

Can you quote me a price over the phone?2018-05-27T00:12:10-04:00

Diagnosis is something that can only be done in person, and diagnosis is the first step in determining the price of a repair. There are far too many variables to be able to give an accurate diagnosis or price over the phone. We want to be sure we are giving you 100% accurate information and for this reason, it is our policy to only quote a price once our appliance technician has diagnosed your problem in person.

Why is Appliance Repair so Expensive?2018-05-27T00:10:50-04:00

To begin, all of our technicians have been formally schooled in appliance repair. Anyone can keep changing parts (at your expense) if they do not know what they are doing or do not have the proper test equipment. Next there is the technicians amount of experience. Before our technicians are sent to your home by themselves, they must complete a satisfactory evaluation with one of our senior technicians. Additionally, your technician is paid a very good salary for his knowledge and experience while he is driving to your home and while he is diagnosing the problem. Also, they carry with them an extensive inventory of parts in order to repair your appliance with just the one visit. If your appliance requires parts that are not common, and have to be ordered, we will make every attempt to secure these parts as quickly as possible (we have many sources) and return to complete the repair promptly. A small deposit will be required and the balance due upon completion.

Do you Charge extra for Nights or Weekends?2018-05-27T00:09:53-04:00

Most of our technicians are family people and like to spend evenings and weekends with their families. These highly trained technicians work hard during normal business hours and do not want to make a mistake because they are tired. There is, however, evening and Saturday service available at no additional charge.  If we are not opened when you call, please leave a voicemail, and our service will alert a manager on duty as to your request and you will get a call back.

Do you warranty your work?2018-05-27T00:07:08-04:00

At Einstein Appliance Repair customer satisfaction is our top priority. We stand by our work and to prove it we offer the following warranty on our services*:
—  1 Year Parts Warranty**
—  90 Days Labor (on installed parts)
— 30 Days on Service Call

We are committed to serve our customers with the best quality repair services and parts available. Our repair guarantee serves to remind you we do the job the right the first time.

* NOTE: Our warranty applies only when you have paid us directly for a specific repair. Otherwise the manufacturer’s warranty and/or extended warranty will apply.

** NOTE: Manufacturer’s warranty and/or extended warranty will apply to electronic components.

HOW MUCH DO YOU CHARGE?2018-05-27T00:05:23-04:00

We charge a small diagnostic charge to send a authorized appliance repair tech to your home to diagnose your appliance once technician has properly diagnose your appliance he will present you with a flat rate estimate with cost of repair then you can decide if want to proceed with repair or decline estimate if estimate is declined there will be a small service charge for technician diagnostic and time if any problems with service or presented estimate call  1-800-680-6802

Where do I find the model and serial number for my appliance?2018-05-27T00:04:17-04:00

There are as many possibilities as there are appliances, but here are a few common places to look:
•    Refrigerators / Freezers: Usually the model tag is located near the top shelf of the fresh food section on a tag on the side wall.
•    Top Load Washers: Model tag is most often inside the lid area where the lid shuts, though sometimes on top of the control panel area.
•    Front Load Washers: Usually the tag is inside the area where the door shuts
•    Dryers: Usually this tag is present where the door shuts
•    Dishwashers: Usually the model tag is either on the tub frame where the door shuts, or sometimes directly on the side of the inner door panel.
•    Cooktop: The model tag is inconveniently located on the underside of the cooktop, so it is most often accessed from the cabinet below the cooktop.
•    Microwave: The tag is usually where the door shuts, or sometimes on the left wall inside the microwave on over the range units. On countertop models, this tag may be on the back side of the microwave instead.
•    Wall Oven: The tag is often inside one of the doors, on the frame where the door closes.
•    Freestanding Range: Usually you have to remove or open the bottom drawer, and the tag is on one of the legs that is normally covered by the drawer. Exception: On Maytag Gemini Freestanding Double Ovens, there is a flag similar to on a mailbox located on the upper rear of the control panel that lifts up to give you the model and serial number.
•    Vent Hoods: The model tag is often located behind a grease filter on the underside of the hood.
•    Dehumidifiers: Usually the tag is either hidden by the bucket or on the side of the unit.
•    If these tips have failed or your product is not listed, begin the search. While not always easy to find, the model number is crucial in getting the correct parts for your model.


Here are some things to think about on that subject.  Is the appliance in good mechanical condition (other than the current problem)?  Is the appliance in good cosmetic condition, no dents or scratches? Are there any strange odors or evidence of rust? Are there any funny noises or leaks? What is the normal useful life of the appliance and how old is it?

Although there are exceptions, we generally do not recommend that you invest more than half of the replacement cost in repairing an appliance.  For that reason, it is a good idea to scout out the replacement cost before getting too far into the repair.  Here are some things to think about when considering the total cost of replacement.  First, consider the cost (plus tax) of a new appliance.  Next, consider the cost of disposing of the old appliance, and finally, the cost of installing the new appliance. On many built-in products such as refrigerators or dishwashers, there are often custom door panels involved.  Will your old panels fit the new unit? Can you find a new unit that will fit in the current installation without necessary modifications?

How will my appointment be confirmed if I schedule it online?2018-05-27T00:01:18-04:00

You’ll receive several confirmations for your repair appointment. First, we’ll send a confirmation number via email (and text, if you’ve opted into text alerts) as soon as you book your service online. One day prior to your scheduled repair, you’ll receive a reminder by email and either text or phone call. Then on the day of your service, you can visit the Order Detail Page to view an updated two-hour window. Finally, your technician will contact you when on the way to your home.