Why is Appliance Repair so Expensive?

To begin, all of our technicians have been formally schooled in appliance repair. Anyone can keep changing parts (at your expense) if they do not know what they are doing or do not have the proper test equipment. Next there is the technicians amount of experience. Before our technicians are sent to your home by themselves, they must complete a satisfactory evaluation with one of our senior technicians. Additionally, your technician is paid a very good salary for his knowledge and experience while he is driving to your home and while he is diagnosing the problem. Also, they carry with them an extensive inventory of parts in order to repair your appliance with just the one visit. If your appliance requires parts that are not common, and have to be ordered, we will make every attempt to secure these parts as quickly as possible (we have many sources) and return to complete the repair promptly. A small deposit will be required and the balance due upon completion.

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